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Facade & Commercial Window Cleaning

Window Cleaners Canberra

We offer a window cleaning service for large scale residential & commercial buildings up to a maximum of 4 stories high throughout the Canberra region. We use only the most advanced window cleaning equipment available from Ionic Systems to give you the best result possible for a good price. This same equipment can be used to clean building facades post construction or for regular facade maintenance.


Cost effective window cleaning using waterfed poles and 100% pure water to provide a crystal clear, streak-free finish, every time using the best equipment and techniques to produce great results is at the core of who we are. We are always looking for better ways to service our customers so we are proud to offer the latest technology in window cleaning, 100% pure water cleaning.

Introducing the IONIC reach and wash system In our commitment to always investing in the right tools for our customers we have just added to our window
cleaning capacity. Now, using 100% filtered water we can clean windows, fast,
safely and importantly, cost effectively. Using our IONIC filter system the water-produced onsite comes out completely pure. So pure, there are 0 parts of
dissolved minerals per million parts of water! This means that when the water dries, there is no mineral staining on the window. So in turn there is no requirement for the operator to squeegee the window. It dries crystal clear, all by itself. This saves us time, and you, money!


• Quicker and cheaper than other methods of external window cleaning
• Excellent finish; with 0 parts per million 100% pure water, it dries totally clear
• Non obtrusive and private; there is no one staring in your windows
• Quiet and it doesn't usually require internal access or noisy boom lifts


iCleaning Corporate has a range of poles to reach up 4 stories from the ground. Each pole has a range of brushes to make sure that the most stubborn dirt and mould is removed in the cleaning process.

Ultra pure water is produced through our filtration unit, on-site. Brushes of different grades then clean the windows loosening up dirt, and mould. Then a sheet of pure water is washed across the window washing away all the dirt and grime, leaving ultra pure water only on the surface. Because the water dries absolutely clear with no impurities, there are no charged particles that attract dirt and other minerals meaning your windows stay cleaner for up to 3 times longer than with soap and normal tap water.


Use our online booking form or send us an email to organise an in-person quotation (commercial only)

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